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THE LAST OPPORTUNITY for you to be part of the Efficiency MAP in 2023 with an UNPRECEDENTED DISCOUNT.

ORANGE DAY will take place on October 26th and to guarantee this special offer, you need to be part of the VIP GROUP.

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University Extension Certificate recognized by MEC, through Faculdade Brasília

This means that when you enroll in MAPA, you guarantee a student license for the Revit software during your studies.



Furthermore, upon completing the course, you will be able to request your digital certificate and join more than 2300 MAPA students present in 48 countries.


Our certification has the title of University Extension Certification recognized by the Ministry of Education, through Faculdade Brasília, at the Training Level of 75 hours.

What is the Efficiency MAP?

The Efficiency Map Course is the Revit + Twinmotion Creative Workshop training that will make you turn hours of work into minutes. There are 23 modules with more than 230 classes, with more than 80 hours of the best of our content where we teach the exact method we use in our projects to design interiors quickly and efficiently.

100% online, the Map of Efficiency Course can be taken in the comfort of your home at the time that suits you best. EFFICIENCY MAP classes are recorded and hosted on the MAP platform at Hotmart, an integrated platform that allows you to watch classes whenever and wherever you want, on your notebook, tablet and cell phone application or even on your smart TV.

From Beginner to Advanced, you will learn how to model and document an interior project within Revit and create photorealistic images, immersive videos and interactive presentations in Twinmotion. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge about the programs.

More than the commands, we will teach you the work method that we create and use in our interior and woodworking projects to produce them quickly and efficiently.

Project developedduring the course:


The Oficina Criativa and its creators

Pleasure, we are Marcos Tadeu Pretto and Jessica Cisotto Busnello, the founders of Oficina Criativa. We are architects and urban planners graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil and part of our graduation from the Technical University of Lisbon in Portugal. We love designing, technology, innovation and passing on our knowledge.

Approximately 10 years ago, we had the idea of creating a way to share the BIM knowledge acquired on the other side of the Atlantic. As soon as we started, we discovered that a strong idea plus the right method allows people to evolve and be able to coordinate new tools and the BIM system.

Between 2013 and early 2020, we had the honor of passing on our knowledge to 52 face-to-face classes and we discovered that being responsible for the evolution of so many people is the fuel that moves us! And that’s what the Creative Workshop is made of, transformation.

When we reached the mark of 50 classes in January 2020 here in Pelotas, we decided that it was time to fulfill this old dream of going online with the same quality and didactics as face-to-face classes. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best of our content on Revit and Twinmotion for interiors for all those who seek to transform hours of work into minutes, through our method.

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